August 2, 2022



TrueCircle Helps Pro Environmental Save £2.5m a Year

Pro Environmental are experts in high quality PET bottle recycling. They aim to provide the highest grade recycled PET product to the class A food and beverage sector, selling their product back into the UK market.

It made sense for them to partner with TrueCircle — the AI vision systems can massively improve the quality of their output, increasing their revenue while also reducing costs through process optimisation.

Installation of the vision systems only took a few hours, and the TrueCircle team were quickly able to start identifying opportunities for improvement and growth.

By running their input through our AI vision systems, we were able to identify the exact quality being provided by each supplier, supporting Pro Environmental in negotiating fairer and more efficient pricing.

Pro Environmental also used our AI system to analyse their residual streams, enabling them to recover an additional £2.5m of value per annum in process optimisations through ironing out bottle-necks and improving recovery of Clear PET.

“TrueCircle’s AI system is great! I use it to measure infeed purity and throughput, but the best thing is that I can now understand exactly when the material entering my plant will lead to flake failures and I can stop them before they happen. This has already saved us a 7-figure sum this year and it’s the perfect illustration of how Pro Environmental is pushing the boundaries of innovation in the recycling industry.” - Leon Evans, Site Manager at Pro Environmental

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