May 17, 2023



TrueCircle Becomes Safi

Today we’re excited to announce that TrueCircle has become Safi

TrueCircle becomes Safi logo animation

Since our founding in August 2021, we’ve been on a mission to fix recycling inefficiency. Setting out to build software solutions that bring valuable recyclable materials into the circular economy, we’re putting an end to the old linear system of take, make, waste.

The name 'TrueCircle' has been a testament to this mission, and our drive to build a transparent and sustainable circular economy. Now, as our company evolves into its role as a matchmaker, we want to become even more accessible to our customers. We chose the new name ‘Safi’, which means 'clean' in Swahili, ‘pure’ in Arabic, and reminds us of the word ‘safe’. This familiar-feeling word embodies our vision for a world where waste has many lives and resources are recycled with the greatest efficiency.

“Becoming Safi is all about bringing the focus onto our customers. We're tackling the world's most urgent problems resulting from consumption, mass production, and resource exploitation. That’s exciting. But ultimately, what we’re doing is connecting the dots to make recycling systems more efficient. Safi is here to make it even easier to participate in this.”

Our new identity represents clarity and precision, which customers will experience throughout every brand touchpoint, from our visual system through to our product interface, and how we interact with our customers.

Safi Logo

The rounded, lower-case font is accessible, familiar, and friendly. The circular symbol represents the circular economy and global trading. And the two lines in the logo represent arms reaching out to touch or connect. Together, this implies trade, innovation and forward movement in the recycling industry.

Safi Brand Mark

Safi is the recyclables trading platform that gives customers access to the best prices and instant expansion into global markets. Through Safi AI, sellers can prove their material quality and drive better prices while buyers know they’re getting exactly what they expect. And through Safi Ship, the entire order management process is automated online.

Start increasing profitability and trade recyclables more efficiently with Safi

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